What Clients have to say...

Website traffic of new visitors grew by 40%.

"At Gloria Nilson.... I knew we had to do something quickly to get our website and our offices visible to the public. Shepard's ability to work quickly and efficiently... delivered the marketing results we needed. "

Heidi Dittloff

VP of Marketing Alain Pinel

Website traffic of new visitors grew by 40%.

Results have been a 75% increase in sales.

“We’re seeing people come in from further away, and that’s made a big difference. I may have been a little late in embracing the web, but the retail marketing strategies Shepard implemented, have really worked for increasing sales in my store. "

Ross Hart

Owner Harts Cyclery

Results have been a 75% increase in sales.

Steady growth from the Internet Marketing.

"When we started working with Shep we were still using the phonebooks... He set part of our business up to take orders on our website, and it worked. I never realized how effective ecommerce could be for my customers."

Allen T.

Owner Testing Labs

Getting results from eCommerce.

The Assessment: Carefully exploring what a business is doing right and wrong to win customer dollars is critical to knowing what to change and how to prioritize the ROI of new tactics. To effectively scale new business models, and get marketing results, established businesses need to pursue “small moves, smartly made” - testing, scaling, and incorporating the most successful ideas as foundations for their evolving businesses.

Whether  it's time for an existing owner to streamline his business, or a new  owner wants to achieve rapid growth this process can help develop the  road map to get Real Results.

The Assessment.

  • Understand the owners' "inner vision"
  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Competitor & Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • Local Search Listings review
  • Estimated Digital Budget


Align your inner vision with today's consumer.

Discover What a Marketing Makeover can do for You

"Marketing Makeovers create new linkages for established businesses to capitalize on opportunities."

"Marketing Makeovers create new linkages for established businesses to engage  with demand."


Actionable insights for a better work-life balance (and it's FREE)


Marketing Makeovers - how it works

Align resources with customer demand. 

Get EXPONENTIAL, sustainable revenue growth.

"MARKETING MAKEOVERS increase sales by aligning customer expectations & business resources."

I often work with businesses that deliver great products and services and have  good reputations in their  communities... yet their sales growth is stagnant or declining because they haven’t kept  up with changes in their customers' needs over time. 

If you fail to continually realign your business with the customer, you create an opportunity for competitors, who may communicate their brands more effectively through strategic Internet Marketing. 

Let's discuss what matters in today’s marketplace, and pinpoint how to use technology to increase your sales and reduce your workload.

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MARKETING MAKEOVERS increase sales by aligning Customer expectations & business resources.

Marketing Makeovers from Location traffic are results oriented growth strategies.

The CEO Marketing Makeovers Difference

  •    Yours is an established business, but sales are stagnant or declining
  •    There's not a steady in flow of new customer sales compared to  existing customer sales,
  •    Inventory levels are rising at a greater rate that sales,
  •    Your business is not generating a sufficient return on marketing dollars spent
  •    You have no annual planning process
       You have no marketing budget for NEW opportunities 
  •    You know you need to make changes, but don't know where to start

Does your business reveal any of these red flags?

All businesses reveal clues when something isn't right... 

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Three sessions to research and frame out a plan for Optimizing your Marketing


Marketing Assessment/Audit

Explore owner's goals

Visualizing how to bring your Passion back into the business

Create a Best customer profile

KW & Competitor Analysis

Priority Setting: Identify what  needs to get done, how


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Guided Discovery
We will explore your current business  situation and how you might change it.


Introductory Price August 2017

Marketing Review

Explore owner's goals

Visualize how to bring your Passion back into the business

Discuss change opportunities

Set a plan to Optimize Marketing to you target customer

Estimate costs and priorities

Identify what will need to get done, and determine how

How today's consumer's needs are different.

Why some internet agencies fail to get results.

Why Local or Regional can be your competitive advantage.

Why owners of established businesses might want to "realign" or streamline their business.

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In most established businesses what the owner needs from the business isn't the same as when they started out. Let's discuss what matters today, and begin to understand

Optimize the effectiveness of How Your Business Uses the INTERNET... Marketing for Owner's.

Guided Discovery
$350   $1
Are you prepared for the impact of digital disruption in your business? It's a matter of when, not if it happens.


Price for September 2017

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How and why today's consumer's needs are different.

Why your past Marketing efforts have failed to deliver.

Why Local or Regional marketing can be your competitive advantage.

Learn what digital disruption is and how to capitalize on the opportunities it creates.

Discover How to Optimize your Marketing

Discover How to Optimize your Marketing





Discover How to Optimize your Marketing

About Shepard Morrow

CEO  Marketing Makeovers was started by Shepard Morrow. Shepard has a unique  and out-of-the-box approach to marketing strategy and sales process  improvement. His experience includes running several businesses  firsthand, starting and growing new businesses, as well as consulting  and developing marketing solutions for existing retail and service  businesses.

Shepard advises entrepreneurs and owner-operators of established  businesses on how to gain a better work-life balance through  prioritizing on-going projects that structure or re-structure solid  relationships between customers, cash flow, operational efficiency, and  marketing decisions. His passion is for the holistic process he has  coined “Marketing Makeovers” as a solution for aligning customers and  operations.

I have had featured articles in:

“Most business situations share similarities. Most owner perspectives are unique.” – Shepard Morrow

Shepard Morrow

Business Coach & Marketing Specialist

Discover How to Optimize your Marketing

how to use technology to increase sales and "lessen" your workload.

How to Optimize your Marketing

Four easy steps to book your appointment:

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What to Expect:

The Guided Discovery is NOT a prerecorded webinar. It's a live consultation with me personally.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser to join me in a private meeting room.

Four easy steps to Book your appointment:

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Test drive our process with this introductory consultation. No two businesses are exactly alike, so let's discuss your business and identify the primary obstacles impeding growth.

Four easy steps to Book your appointment:

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   2. Fill out our intake form

   3. Schedule a convenient time on my calendar

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Unfortunately, not all business owners respond to red flags quickly enough. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, 

you’re in the right place.  

  • "How can I get more customers?"
  • "How can I fix my established business so it starts growing again?"
  • "How can I get more good reviews online?"
  • "How can I use online advertising to get more new customers?"
  • "How do I achieve a better work-life balance?"
  • "Where can I get advice on what to prioritize to improve my business?"
  • "How can I get people to become brand advocates for my business?"
  • "How can I improve my inventory management?"
  • "How can I sell my business so I can enjoy myself?"
  • "Where can I get help taking my business to the next level?"
  • "How do I turn the family business around -- or should we sell it?"

The CEO Marketing Makeovers difference




I believe smart  entrepreneurs and executives who want to run successful businesses, MUST learn how to align what their business does with what their customers need on a regular basis, and focus marketing efforts in a laser-like way to achieve sustainable sales growth as validation the business is  healthy.



Here’s the secret…

I believe that, to be successful, smart entrepreneurs and business owners must learn how to regularly realign what their business offers with what their customers need, then develop a laser-targeted marketing strategy that will achieve sustainable sales growth.

But how do you find the time to do all this while running the business?  How do you juggle the daily demands of your business with your personal, family and social obligations? How do you keep everyone happy and healthy (including yourself) while growing your business and sustaining your passion for the work you love?

It doesn't always matter what you know. It’s what you do that matters more. Truly solving a business problem usually involves change, whether in business systems or daily employee activities. Yes there must be an assessment, and a practical plan, but in the end, it’s the execution that it’s critical.

A CEO Marketing Makeover will show you how to crystallize your priorities, improve your business’s daily operational efficiency, and increase sales and profits through strategic marketing decisions. You’ll begin to operate with freedom and purpose. You’ll have more money and more time to spend it on what matters most in life. 

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